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Our Expeditions

While we close Butterfly World, typically during the months of November, December, January and February, we normally embark on two expeditions every year during the English winter months to search for new species of butterflies.

Our expeditions have taken us to Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina in South America, to Kenya and Malawi in Africa, to Papua New Guinea and the Philippines and New Zealand.

We breed hundreds of different species of butterflies at various camps across the world and have them shipped back to the UK, but in some cases, we bring butterflies back to the UK and breed them here.

This enables us to maintain a strong but colourful blend of butterflies, averaging between 80 and 120 species, for your enjoyment.

Click the images below to see our picture galleries of some of our previous expeditions.


crossing the parana riverbutterfly-world-solomon-companycrossing the parana rivercrossing the parana riverbutterfly-world-malatia 


crossing the parana riverButterfly collecting in africa Butterfly collecting in argentina, brazil and iguzu gallery-thumb-philippines gallery-thumb-sambon






Our Butterflies

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